9 hacks to have amazing photos when on a beach holiday

9 hacks to have amazing photos when on a beach holiday

Taking pictures while travelling is one of the best ways to save the moments and memories.Hai Tien beach with pristine beauty, clear sea water, beautiful white sand beaches and tall casuarina forests will be an ideal destination for friends and family to create beautiful pictures.Let’s see nine ways of posing suggested by Queen Hotel to have memorable photos.

1. Face toward the sun

It can be said that this is the most favourite posing styles for many youngsters when at the beach. Not taking the photo from the front but a side of the face with eyes looking far away. This way will help to capture a moment of you in a vast space of water and sky.

2. Sexy back

For the slim girls with pretty body figures, showing the curve of the back with the beach in the background in a photo is such a popular pose. But there is nothing to worry if you are not granted with a good appearance. Some hacks of choosing a perfect outfit to cover your weakness and posing styles will help you to achieve the similar effects.

3. Immersed in the blue water

If you think it is challenging to take whole body picture when you are soaked in the blue water of the sea or the pool then you are probably wrong. It just takes a reasonable angle to shoot or to place the camera (such as at the water level) to produce amazing shots as above.

4. Team photo

Single or letter line-up poses, backs toward the camera with hands up poses, multi poses or acting cool poses are some of the suggestions for a group of friends to take a significant photo at the beach. Share the mutual hobby of “taking photos”, and you are ready.

5. Freestyle

If you are blessed with a hot and sexy body, then you should take advantage of it when at the beach. Don’t be shy! Poses in your daily yoga exercises or your favourite dance moves can be a great suggestion to you to have a good shot.

6. Half-face pose

Cover part of your face with hands or objects to avoid the sunlight or face down poses are suitable for anyone who likes to create a sense of mystery and uniqueness.

7. Pose with accessories

What attracts visitors when at the beach are not only the blue sky, white clouds and clear water, but also the decoration of surrounding space. If you have a chance of visiting such a fully-serviced beach area, don’t forget to take home some pictures.

8. Feet in sand

Light steps on the sand, beautiful sandals or soaking feet in the clear water can also be the primary spotlight of some photos for many young persons

9. Longshot

For travellers who like to watch the sunset, the sea is the best place to enjoy the view. This is also where you could take the photos of the whole sun or merely embrace the sun and the sea by applying the technique of longshot.


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